Amazon Echo Dot vs. Amazon Echo

The Echo and Dot are two of Alexa’s most popular models, and Amazon recently released the Echo (3rd generation) and Echo Dot (3rd generation) with the Cleck versions.

But you should go to the Echo or the Dot, its little cousin? Which is the best device? Both the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot have omnidirectional microphones built-in designed to collect your voice from all over the room. It  is an easy  way to setup Echo dot than echo Still, the two speakers are marked by significant differences. In our Amazon Echo vs. Dot showdown, we’ll break everything down.

Size, design, and portability

There are significant size variations between the Echo and Dot.

The new version of the Echo, Echo third generation, is about 5.8 inches high (3.9 inches in diameter) but slightly wider. The Echo Dot 3rd generation is just as large as the Echo 3rd generation but only 1.7 inches in diameter. The echo is far more substantial than Dot, much higher.

The Echo Dot is smaller and feels a little like a heavy hockey rucksack. The Echo Dot of the third generation weights 10.6 lb. The weight of its predecessors. At just over 1.7 pounds, the latest Echo iteration is even more massive.

The Echo Dot scores in terms of portability relative to its bigger sibling. You can drop it into your handbag at parties and find room for it in your house even if there is not enough room for smart home appliances.

Sound quality

The Echo is featuring a more substantial, higher quality, 360-degree speaker, although both devices have a built-in speaker. The latest Echo, the Echo 3rd Gen, has even better quality, a 0.8-inch tweeter, and a 3-inch woofer. Dolby filtering for smooth vocals and complex bass reactions for an even more excellent quality of sound are also provided for newer models.

The Echo Dot third generation has increased their sound quality over the earlier dots, adding a more significant drive that is sounding even louder than the previous models.

All systems have a 3.5 mm output port, to improve the sound quality by connecting them to an external speaker using an audio cord. There’s no doubt the Echo has better sound when comparing the Echo and the Dot and the new Echo 3rd gen only improves its superior sound quality.


Price is an essential factor most people consider when choosing which Amazon Alexa product to purchase. When the budget is a cause of concern, note that the dot is around half the cost of Echo which has the same characteristics.

The DOT of the 3rd generation costs $50 for sale, but you can find it for around $30 occasionally. It costs you 60 $(retail) if you choose a 3rd-gen echo dot with a clock. The new Echo 3rd-gen is $100 in the sale.


Apart from size and cost, the only difference between the two devices is noise. You will be OK with the Echo Dot if you want to be exposed to Alexa. In a small speaker, She has all Alexa’s smarts. Keep in mind that you can attach any smart speaker to any unit for richer sound while making your shopping list.

Echo Dot is an excellent choice if you want to get an Echo and create a multi-room experience with Alexa. Also, if you want it in your child’s room, it comes in a child-friendly version.

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